Uncle Whiskey Breath
 Topsy's Stage Gear


Marshall TSL 100

NOS Mullard EL34 Power Tubes

 Telefunken And Silvertone 12AX7 PreAmp Tubes

4X12 Marshall 1960AX Cab w/25 Watt Greenbacks

4X12 Marshall 1960BX Cab w/25 Watt Greenbacks


                                    Custom Rack                               

Two 4-Way Power Boxes wired to Master Power Switch

Marshall MG15DFX Amp to drive Talkbox

Sennheiser EW-172 Wireless For Guitar

Telex FMR 70 For Wireless Headset

Digitech GSP 21 Pro Effects Processor

SGE Mach II Effects Processor

Sabine Rack Tuner


                                    Custom Pedalboard                     

4-Way Power supply w/plug to Master 4-Way’s in rack

Dunlop Cry Baby

Marshall ED-1 The Compressor

Boss A/B-2 Switch (TSL 100 & MG15DFX)

Marshall 5-Way Footswitch (TSL 100)

GSP 21 Pro Foot Controller

Boss FS-5U Non-latching Pedal (Bypass to SGE Mach II)

Boss FS-5L Latching Pedal (Keyboard Hold)

Behringer FCV100 Volume Pedal (Keyboard Level)

DOD Direct Box (Keyboard Output)

16 Ohm Talkbox Speaker

LiveWire And Conquest Cables


                                    Power Supplies For:                                                             

 Cry Baby


Volume Pedal




Kramer Vanguard

Gibson Les Paul Classic

Gibson ES-135

Gibson Flying V

BC Rich Bich

Charvel Model 5

Custom Made Double Neck Bich



Roland XP-10



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