Uncle Whiskey Breath

Rockfest July 17th & 18th, 2004

We had an awesome time at this one.

Three Days, Six Hours of Sleep and

A Fricken' Boatload of Whiskey.











































We must say that, being our first time, we are worried about seeing the end of an era.

We had the pleasure of partying with Camp Yahoo, M-80, Kiss Army and of course

The Bong Patrol. We had to play so we got there around 2:15 AM. Unfortunately, the

Sheriff's Dept. was there promptly at 2:30 to shut them down. It really sucked

because everyone was having a great time. We still ended up partying there until

6:00 am, but we really had to take it easy with the Sheriff's Dept. cruising by about every 15

minutes. Apparently, this year some idiot decided the rules had to be "enforced" where

no one gave a damn in years past. I believe these sites and the others who go all out to

make Rockfest what it is should be left to do what was originally intended...PARTY!!!

If you don't want your kids to see someone's tits...DON'T BRING THEM!!!!

If you don't want to see someone's tits......STAY AWAY FROM THESE SITES!!!!

If you don't want to party..............GO TO COUNTRYFEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I also had the pleasure of meeting Captain Jack. A likeable fellow who really sums up

what Rockfest is all about. I really hope that the organizers of Rockfest and the

Vetran Campers who have helped make Rockfest what it is can come to an agreement

and keep it going in the true spirit it was originally intended.


Hope To See Everyone Next Year....


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