Uncle Whiskey Breath


What People Are Saying...


Bob Johnston - "It's a Party...It's a Birthday...It's a Birthday Party..."


Topsy Phillips - "If they didn't want us to come in, they wouldn't have left the
keys in the door" (December 16th 4:15 AM)


Cro Magnon at Shooters during teardown - "Hey Dork"


Bruce Hall (REO Speedwagon) - "Keith Who ??"


Andy McKinney (Molly Hatchet) - "Where's yer little fuckin' bass player at ??"


Stevie The Stripper (T.A. Verns, Milwaukee) - "They're Saline !!"


Paul Moore (Ex - Kidd Kaos Member) "blblblblblblblblblblblb...."


Chicks at bar in Monroe, WI. - "Do you know when your gonna be done?"


John Hoekstra (Shooters, Fond Du Lac, WI) - "Here's your fuckin Pizza"


Door Guy (Illusions, Fond Du Lac, WI) - "$2.00 Cover"


Keith Kidd (Milwaukee, WI) - "Hey, these rental cars are nice..."


Scott Mack - (St. Peter, WI) - "I'm on my way"


DJ (Shooters, Fond Du Lac, WI) - "Your outta here for good"


Topsy Phillips - "Look Officer, I know it's hard to take us serious
when we are covered in Mr. Bubble, but..." (9/3/00 4:10 AM)


Scott Mack - "Hello ??? ...Hello???" (9/3/00 4:10 AM)


Bob Johnston - "Come on Keith, One little shot of Jack wont kill ya" (9/4/00 4:15 AM)


Topsy Phillips -  "Well, we could go back to Jim's for more beer..." (9/4/00 4:00 AM)


Keith Kidd - "Kinda tastes like rabbit shit..."


Topsy Phillips - "Scott Rhymes with Cot, Topsy Rhymes with Bed !!" ( 11/11/01 5:15 AM)


Bill Phillips to Scott Mack - "Orange Thing Burn Me" (10/13/01)


Scott Mack - "I have been instructed to get you back to the hotel" (11/17/01 7:30 PM)


Topsy Phillips - "Yeah Right" (11/17/01 7:31 PM)


Topsy Phillips - "I have such a tolerance built up, there's no way

                       I can get drunk tonight" (12/15/01 7:45 PM)


Topsy Phillips - "I'll never drink again as long as I live" (12/16/01)


Bob Johnston - "I don't want to play in my underwear anymore..."


Keith Anderson - "It was supposed to numb my throat"

(Throat Novocain that turned out to be bubble juice)


Topsy Phillips - "I started out with nothing & still have most of it left"

Crowd at Hitching Post - "Shut Up And Play"

Topsy Phillips - "I didn't mean to touch you in a sexual way..."

Randy From RP's - "Just give 'em a hand full of oats..."

Chris Anderson - "She fuckin hates me..."

Chris Anderson - "I didn't give anyone the key"

Leo Batura - "Yes you did"

Topsy Phillips - "We've never played sober before"

Keith Anderson - "Thanks for checking on me..."

Bob Johnston - "AAaaaaaarrrrrghhhhhmutherfuckerrrrrrrggghyhhh"

Chris Anderson - "She's So Fine..."

Topsy Phillips - "I'm a little out of my mind right now...Leave a message"

Travel Rule #1 - No Spooning!!!

Bob Johnston - "I'm thinking it might be over"

Bob Johnston - "I mean no disrespect....Fuckers!"


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