Uncle Whiskey Breath


Since the dawn of time, man has always searched for different ways of expressing himself.
Rock n' Roll has evolved to be one of the most prominent forms of expression known today.
For the band known as "Uncle Whiskey Breath," self expression is the very backbone of the
hard driving sound these four dedicated musicians produce. Heavily influenced by rock legends
such as "Aerosmith," "Pat Travers," "UFO" and "Ted Nugent," this devastating band has captured
the attention of the Midwest in a big way. Years and years of relentless practice and never ending
dedication and initiative have made "Uncle Whiskey Breath" one of the tightest, well honed rock
bands ever to hit the stage.

In answer to the proverbial question, "What exactly is on their song list?"
"Uncle Whiskey Breath " does not have a given set list of material that is repeatedly
performed night after night, show after show. Rather, the band has opted to
develop an enormous amount of material, in order to meet your specific requirements.
In the past two years "Uncle Whiskey Breath" has worked in a wide range of nightclubs
and ballrooms, high schools, college shows, fairs and festivals,and an assortment of special events.

For those engagements that require a little more mainstream rock and roll,
 the band can perform material by the likes of "Goo Goo Dolls," "Foo Fighters,"
"Stone Temple Pilots," and "Offspring." The band takes great pride in reproducing
vintage classic rock n' roll and metal from a time when things were a little less
complicated and music was at it's finest and nobody gave a damn where Seattle was.

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