All Prices Are Negotiable


EV N/D 408B Instrument Mics







Great for drums and guitars. Very low profile and very adjustable to fit in tight spots.

Comes with original packaging, clip and all documentation.

4 Available.

$95.00 each or $360.00 for all four.



Low Profile 2X12 Cabinets




1962 Fender Bandmaster. It has a 12" E-V Force 12 and the original 12" Fender (made by Jensen).




Bandmaster Designed box loaded with Fane 12"AX12-75, 75 watt speakers.



Both Make a Nice 4X12 Stack

$150.00 each or $275.00 for the Pair.

32"W X 26"H X 12"D

Peavy CS-800 Amplifiers

2 Peavy CS-800 Power Amps

$300.00 Each (obo)

Send Email to Walter Phillips for more info...